mashkawizii sessions

songwriting and beat making workshop

The "Mashkawizii Sessions" workshop focuses on songwriting and beat making in a group setting. This week long workshop consists of  ice breaker activities each day, followed by break out sessions where participants will be divided into two groups and learn how to write a song as well as learn how to create the instrumentation for the piece. During the workshop participants will also learn about the recording process when creating a song and by the end of the week they will receive a final mix of their song.

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From My Heart To Yours

Healthy relationship workshop

The "From My Heart To Yours" workshop focuses on discussing the differences between a healthy relationship and a toxic relationship with a focus on positive growth in communities. The workshop is two hours in duration and consists of an ice breaker activity followed by a group discussion with participants.
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rhythm and rhyme

dance workshop & speaker session

"Rhythm and Rhyme" is a 2 hour and 30 minute program that includes ice breakers,  dancing, storytelling and music. This is a collaborative programming option that is in partnership with Dance Rootz.

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