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A Life Changing Commitment For Myself 


8 years ago today I made a life changing commitment for myself. 

There's a lot more than meets the eye when you look at someone and every person has their own story. Before being a successful multi-award nominated…

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One Year

Today I have felt the world sit still and have felt numb. I've been missing my mom more than ever and when I close my eyes she's all I can envision. It's crazy to think that a year has already…

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Oh Canada... 

When I think of Canada Day I can't help but revisit bad memories that I carry from my own experiences and can’t help but think of the true history that is beginning to come to the surface for Canadians to…

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Mom's Hugs

Today I  was reminded of my mom and how she would give me a warm hug before going away to travel for another gig, she would always say “I love you my boy” when it came time for me to…

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The Red Road

Today I am left with much reflection and have found myself reminiscing through past events. While most people are waking up with a hangover and alcohol in their system from the night before, I am waking up sober. I do…

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International Women's Day

The other day a friend of our family tagged me on social media in this video she took from June 23, 2018 when my friends and I performed at APTN's Indigenous Day Live pre-show. The beautiful woman in the bottom…

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Moment by Moment

Through these moments that I sit still, my mind races, my body’s numb and emotions slowly begin to process. From the moment I woke up today to the moment I went to my bed to go to sleep, I’ve been…

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The Secret and the Family Tree 

Constantly searching throughout this world, trying to find out where I’m from and who my blood relatives are. Finally after 25 years we’ve found them.

My father was born on February 21, 1960 in Hailebury, Ontario, Canada and was adopted…

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Cody Coyote

Ma'iinganag means "Wolves" in Anishinaabemowin and was created to embody the good and bad wolf teaching.

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