Is this for real?

Round two with the great trail was absolutely amazing! 

On March 21, 2018 I was flown out to Toronto, ON, CA to open for Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo) at the Trans Canada Trail Thank you Donor Celebration that was held at the Globe and Mail Centre. Being able to fly out and attend such an event with my good friends Frazer Lee Whiteduck (Chi-Wiiyahs) and Elaina Martin (EC Productions) is something that I am very grateful for. Especially because having friends present in a different city, while performing in front of a new audience, certainly helps with calming nerves. 

                                             Cody Coyote, Shannon Marshall, Michael Mancini, Frazer Lee Whiteduck (Chi-Wiiyahs) & Elaina Martin 
                                             Photo Credit: Cody Coyote

Prior to catching our flight to Toronto, ON, CA, Frazer and I had met up with Shannon Marshall (Westfest) and Elaina for breakfast at the Ottawa airport where we were able to relax, converse and hang out for a while. The place of choice was Byward Taps, a spot where Elaina has gone regularly for quite some time before traveling and with that had been highly recommended. Being able to spend some time at a spot that had a story behind it and to catch up with friends while doing so was a comfortable, unique and great feeling as well as a great way to kick off the day before our adventure together.

After breakfast we had met up with Michael Mancini at the Porter Lounge in the Ottawa airport. Michael is an actor and was also hosting the Trans Canada Trail Thank You Donor Celebration event. Aside from that, I quickly learned that Michael is a respectful, understanding and kind person. 

For further information about Michael's work visit:

After catching our flight to Toronto, ON, CA we took the ferry from the Billy Bishop airport to where our ride was waiting for us. Frazer joked about how this was the first time we've travelled by air, sea and land to get to a gig which was both true and funny. A local limousine service had sent an all black SUV to pick us all up and drive us to the Globe and Mail Centre. I remember reminiscing in my thoughts, thinking "Is this for real?" and it didn't sink in until we had gotten into the SUV. That's when things had hit me full fledge that everything that was taking place was in fact for real and had me overwhelmed with appreciation. Being in deep thought as we travelled to the venue, I couldn't help but think about how far I had come and using that as my motivation it helped prepare me for the show that we were heading to.  

While performing at the Trans Canada Trail Thank You Donor Celebration event I rocked the house with my good friends Frazer Lee Whiteduck and Wesley King, who currently resides in Toronto, ON, CA. This was the second time I had performed on a stage for The Great Trail and what better way than to open for the man himself, Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo). The first time I had taken their stage was at Major's Hill in Ottawa, ON, CA on August 26th, 2017 alongside Frazer as well as Rapid Lake's very own Sonny Papatie. The same bill for that event included Steven Page from the renowned Bare Naked Ladies as the headliner.

                                      Sonny Papatie, Cody Coyote & Frazer Lee Whiteduck (Chi-Wiiyahs) - The Great Trail Cross-Canada Connection Celebration
                                      Photo Credit: Trans Canada Trail

                                      Steven Page (Bare Naked Ladies) & Cody Coyote - The Great Trail Cross-Canada Connection Celebration
                                      Photo Credit: Cody Coyote

Being able to have Wesley King join myself and Frazer at this show was truly an honour. Blowing the roof off of the place by first performing "Ogimaa" and then "Hit The Town" was truly a great way to open the event. Our families are all connected and with that a bigger family has been brought together on and off the stage. Wesley King is not only a good friend within my circle but he is also Theland Kicknosway's cousin. Theland has performed alongside myself and Frazer multiple times from previous years to the present and I hope to one day have all three of us on the same stage as well.  

                                                                                   Cody Coyote - Trans Canada Trail Thank You Donor Celebration
                                                                                   Photo Credit: Trans Canada Trail                                                                                   Frazer Lee Whiteduck (Chi-Wiiyahs) - Trans Canada Trail Thank You Donor Celebration 
                                                                                   Photo Credit: Trans Canada Trail

                                                                                   Wesley King - Trans Canada Trail Thank You Donor Celebration 
                                                                                   Photo Credit: Trans Canada Trail

The amount of energy that the crowds have given us at each event has been remarkable and receiving positive feedback from many who have attended has been a tremendous feeling. I feel that one of the best feelings about this journey is being able to provide these types of opportunities to the people who are within my circle and who haven't been given such platforms in the past. Ultimately while trailblazing through this journey I am committed to having audiences witness the talents of many Indigenous people as well as non-stereotypical, empowered, proud and overall respected representation of who we truly are.      

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